HI! I'm Diana. Mother, college student, christian, cat lover, bilingual. This is no longer a weight loss blog, but rather a health blog. Please know that I get more questions than I can answer. I do try to answer most questions privately, unless you’re anon. Please read my FAQ page first.


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Height: 5’2
SW: 180 lbs
CW: 147 lbs
GW1: 160 lbs(reached!)
GW2:150 lbs(reached on 9/03/12)!

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The Best Workout You’re Not Doing
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    Ahh that makes sense then, I never made it to max interval, cause I have hardwood floor and my ankles were giving out on...
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    He introduces this move in Max Interval Circuit. I’m trying to remember from memory (it’s been a while since I’ve done...
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    Oh gosh this brings back both beautiful and painful memories
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